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Believers are God’s children (John 1:12), and the church is God’s family (Ephesians 2:19). So every believer should belong to a local church by joining as a member. Life at Grace Reformed Church then begins with membership.

Grace Reformed Church Malaysia Baptism
Grace Reformed Church Malaysia Baptism
Grace Reformed Church Malaysia Baptism


Once a commitment is made regarding membership, the next most important thing is to be an integral part of the church by meeting with the church regularly (Hebrews 10:25). Attendance is your most important ongoing ministry to the Church. 

What kind of meetings are there at Grace Reformed Church?

We hold members’ meeting where members discuss church finances, church ministries, gospel works, properties, baptism, discipline, and other membership matters. Major decisions of the Office-bearers are also ratified at the members’ meeting.

Life at Grace Reformed Church is centred around our Worship Service, held every Sunday at 11:30AM. What do we do in worship?

The chief and highest act of worship is to listen to what God has to say to us. Yes, we sing, we give offerings, we read scripture, and we pray. But chiefly, we listen to God and learn how to live according to His will.

We also observe the Lord’s Supper every first Sunday of the month. Taking the Lord’s Supper is participating in the unity of the church’s fellowship around the remembrance of Jesus Christ and the proclamation of His saving work through the symbols of bread and wine.

We meet at 10:00AM on Sunday mornings for our corporate prayer. This is a time where we seek God’s face as we pray for particular church matters. We begin this session by singing praises to God, followed by a short devotion based on a particular Bible passage. We then share reports or specific concerns regarding the church, and members may submit their prayer requests. After which, we spend our time in prayer.

We have Sunday School classes for children ages 6-12. The children will gather for a singing session at 10:00AM. They then proceed to their respective classes. The basic teaching material is a four volume series called “Lessons for Life” which covers the basic teachings of the Bible, both the Old and New Testament.

Our weekly Sunday Bible Study is held in the main hall at 2:00PM and is open for all-ages. In our study series, we usually go through specific books in the Bible while covering subject matters such as doctrine, church history, Christian living, and more. The Bible study typically lasts for about an hour.

This is our Youth Ministry. We believe that parents are the principal shapers of young minds and that the home is the primary training ground in which those minds are shaped. So, we will try to work together with parents to disciple the young people and involve them closely in the life and teachings of the church. Our activities include Gen Tim meetings and an annual Youth Camp. We also conduct seminars from time to time to address specific concerns of the young people.


Another aspect of our church life is mentoring or discipling. This is done both in small group setting (discipleship groups) or one-to-one (personal discipling). Essentially, all our ministries are about discipleship. We may think of it as a spectrum, with congregational meetings at one end and one-to-one mentoring at the other, and small groups in the middle.


We see small groups and personal discipling as the means of allowing the congregation to shepherd and disciple one another within the bounds of pastoral oversight (Ephesians 4:11-16).

Bible Study at Grace Reformed Church Malaysia

Discipleship groups

Our discipleship groups are small classes that provide members with opportunities to fellowship and learn God’s Word together. The goal of these groups is to present every man mature in Christ Jesus through systematic instruction and the cultivating of spiritual disciplines (such as Bible intake, prayer, church attendance, and witnessing). These groups may meet on Sunday or any time throughout the week depending on the schedules of its members.

Men of Grace Reformed Church Malaysia
Bible Study at Grace Reformed Church Malaysia


In one-to-one discipleship relationships, a more mature believer will follow up with a new believer (of the same gender) for the purpose of mentoring and cultivating their faith.


There are many ways that members can be involved here at Grace Reformed Church, one such practical area being hospitality. This can be done by coming in early to greet visitors and staying back to engage with the rest of the church. We have lunch fellowship every Sunday where food, tables, and chairs need to be prepared and cleaned up.

Another area members can be involved in is gospel outreach. We encourage members to go through a Christianity Explained course or 2 Ways to Live (2W2L) individually with friends or with a group of neighbours or fellow workers. An alternative is to join the outreach visitation whenever it is organised.

There are many other practical needs in the church where members can offer to help out – such as library, music, media operations, maintenance of church premises, providing transportation, etc…

Kitchen volunteers at Grace Reformed Church Malaysia
Media Ministry volunteer at Grace Reformed Church Malaysia