Grace Reformed Church (GRC) Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions


Grace Reformed Church holds to the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession Of Faith, which would mean we are a reformed baptist church in principle. You can check our website’s Our Beliefs page for more details on what that entails.

With that said, we fundamentally see ourselves as a local church that is a small part of the Church that Jesus promised to build and establish for His glory and for His name’s sake (Matthew 16:18)

Prior to our church’s relocation to Bandar Sunway, we used to worship at Bandar Puchong Utama under the name of Puchong Grace Church. Given our previous name’s association to its location, our move prompted a change in our name.

People of all ages attend Grace Reformed Church. We serve mainly the local population of Subang Jaya and Petaling Jaya, seeing various families and individuals from the aforementioned areas in regular attendance. We believe there is a place for everyone in the church.

At Grace Reformed Church, we conduct an all-age Bible Study every Sunday at 2:00PM, during which we cover topical studies such as doctrine, Christian living, ethics, and other contemporary issues of relevance.

We have Sunday School which starts at 10:00AM every Sunday, open to children ages 6-12. Children are taught Bible stories from both the Old and New Testament.

Our church is located in Bandar Sunway – our address and Google Maps location can be found in our Contact Us page.

Travelling here by car should not be much trouble, as there are ample parking spaces on Sundays. We are also a walking-distance away from Sunway BRT line’s Mentari Station, for those who prefer to travel by public transport.

Our Sunday service starts at 11:30AM. We gather together to worship God, preach the Bible and fellowship with one another.

In worship, we adhere to the regulative principle and emphasise on expository preaching.

On the first Sunday of each month, we observe the Lord’s Supper to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection until He comes again.

At Grace Reformed Church, we sing both traditional and modern hymns. We mainly use the piano, violin, and guitar for accompaniment. However, we believe the most important instrument is that of congregational singing.

We do not have a specific dress code, though dressings trend toward smart-casual. We believe in wearing our Sunday best to worship our Creator.

Our youth ministry is called Generation Timothy (GenTim). We meet up with fellow Christians from our sister churches to study the Bible and encourage each other in our walk of faith.