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Our leaders Pastor Peter Kek

Peter Kek

Pastor of Grace Reformed Church

Peter Kek was converted to Christ during his teenage years, and was active in church ever since. Early on, he involved himself in evangelism, discipleship, missions, and church-planting works. He eventually felt called to the ministry and completed his studies at the Singapore Bible College.

Upon graduating, he served as a pastor in the Malaysia Discipleship Centre for two years, before serving as pastor of Johor Bahru First Community Church. In 2009, he became the pastor of Puchong Grace Church (PGC). Following PGC’s move to Bandar Sunway and name-change to Grace Reformed Church (GRC) in 2019, Peter Kek continues to serve as her pastor to this day.

Apart from church, Peter Kek is also regularly involved in Campus Ministry,  frequently speaking at various university Christian Fellowships.

Pastor Kek is married to Soona, with whom he enjoys the blessing of three sons and one daughter.


Elder of Grace Reformed Church

Kian Ming was converted to the Christian faith while studying Accountancy in Liverpool, UK. As a student, he came under the influences of Stuart Olyott and Peter Masters, pastors of Belvedere Road Church Liverpool and Metropolitan Tabernacle London respectively. He also loved the writings of the Reformers and the Puritans, eventually coming under the convictions of reformed theology through the writings of John Owen, Martin Luther, and John Calvin.

After returning to Malaysia, Kian Ming worshipped at Subang Jaya Reformed Baptist Church for a time. Later, with the help and guidance of Pastor Ho Eng Ghee of Serdang Grace Baptist Church, he and several other like-minded brethren were involved in establishing Puchong Grace Church. Following PGC’s move to Bandar Sunway, he continues to serve Grace Reformed Church as an elder.

Kian Ming is married to Lay Kuan, and is blessed with three children, Oliver, Stephen and Kathryn. He recently retired, having worked in the corporate world for more than thirty years.

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